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Special note for JDK 1.1 users

While this release of devPad is a Java v1.0 application, it also works with Java v1.1, with the following limitations:

Specific implementation notes

Sun's JDK 1.1.5 on NT

List controls are incredibly slow in this release. Allows up to 3 minutes to fill the class list for the java.* hierarchy (667 classes) on a Pentium 133. (On other plateforms, say, OS/2, it takes less than 10 second.)

[Specifying '*' in the filter field the the aforementionned package browser requires 1'30''.]

When exiting a non-saved devPad, the application locks when you select either the 'Save then quit' or the 'Quit without saving' buttons in the requester. If 'Save then quit' was selected, the pad is indeed saved. You can then safely kill the application from the command window, by pressing Ctrl+C.

[This behavior does not occur if you select 'Save pad' in the 'Pad' menu before exiting.]

IBM's JDK 1.1.4 on OS/2

The safest way to use devPad with this implementation is to disable the Just In Time compiler (by defining the JAVA_COMPILER environment variable).

[You can enable the JIT compiler, but then don't try to resize the window when the Layout view is displayed (devPad will lock). Similarily, you will notice some unexpected errors. As this behavior is not reproductible when the JIT is disabled, it's quite probably bugs in the JIT code.]

The popup menu window background is not painted.

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