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This document is the "User's Guide" for devPad.

devPad is a development environment for NetRexx and Java. It is completely written in NetRexx, and so it is not tied to a particular platform. All you need is a system that implements a Java Virtual Machine.

This document covers:

The devPad documentation and software are distributed free of charge under the conditions explained below. If you download or use a devPad package you agree to the terms in the License Agreement included in the package as the file license.txt.

For details of the devPad environment, and the latest news, please see the devPad documentation included with this package or available on the World Wide Web, for example at: http://www.mygale.org/~lafaix/devPad/

Martin Lafaix

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Copyright (c) Martin Lafaix, 1998. All rights reserved. ©