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Unpacking the devPad package

The devPad package is shipped in two forms, identified by a suffix following the name:

You probably know how to handle these, but a word of caution: the packages contain directory structures, and files with 'long names' (that is, not of 8.3 maximum length names) which are case-sensitive. Many utilities, including some versions of UNZIP and TAR, can lose case information, truncate names, or fail to restore directories.

Unpacking .zip files

The most common packages for 'unzipping' these are Info-ZIP and PKZIP: Here are some tips:

Unpacking .tar.gz files

You need an up-to-date version of two programs: 'tar' and 'gzip'; these are available for most operating systems. Here are some tips:

The process of unpacking the file takes two steps:

  1. Uncompress the file, using gunzip (this may be called simply 'gzip' on some systems). The syntax for uncompressing NetRexx.tar.gz is probably one of:
           gunzip  devPad.tar.gz
           gzip -d devPad.tar.gz
    (the '-d' means decompress, and may be optional). This should replace the file with one called devPad.tar
  2. Unpack the files and directories from the .tar file. The syntax for this is
           tar -xvf devPad.tar
    This should create the files and directories from the package, displaying the name of each as it is unpacked. You may see error messages where directories already exist; these can be ignored.

After unpacking the files, the .tar file can be erased.

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