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Installation procedure - online documentation and samples

The devPad package (devPad.zip, or devPad.tar.gz) contains the devPad online documentation, together with samples and examples, and the packages of executables.

  1. Copy the package file to the root directory of your choice, preserving the original name.
  2. With your chosen directory as your current directory, unpack the package, following the instructions in 'Unpacking the devPad package' above.

This should add the directory 'devPad' to your chosen directory, containing the documentation and samples for devPad, along with the packages of executables.

The online documentation comes in two forms: plain ASCII (files with extension '.doc'), and World Wide Web hypertext format (files with extension '.html', '.gif', etc.). To view the hypertext version, start your browser at the file "devPad.html". For example, if you are using the IBM Web Explorer then the command

  explore devPad.html
(executed when the documentation directory is the current directory) should show the devPad front page.

Included in the documentation collection are some examples and samples (A simple devPad, etc.). To run any of these, you must have the Java and NetRexx toolkit and runtime environment installed.

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