Liste de diffusion OS2JOBS

  OS2JOBS - MODERATED MAILING LIST - for OS/2 related job opportunities

  To provide a forum where all the folks looking to employ experienced
  OS/2 professionals can contact those individuals and companies.

  This is a MODERATED Mailing List. All submissions will be reviewed
  to ensure they are appropriate for submission to members of this list.

  All submissions should be sent to:
  Notes will be forwarded to the list ASAP (same day is highly likely).

  Submissions may be from Agencies looking for individuals for specific
  assignments or from individuals or Companies looking to locate OS/2
  expertise to solve a business need.

    Agency has 3 OS/2 PM programmer positions to fill.
    Consultant looking for someone with expertise in NVDM/2.
    Company looking for OS/2 installation experts.
    Company looking for someone to port their application to OS/2.
    Unnamed printer manufacturer looking for Device Driver developers.
    Company X sells hardware, wants someone to install OS/2 NOTES Clients.

  It is NOT for individuals LOOKING for employment.

  It is for those OFFERING employment or business opportunities.

  The following information MUST be included with the message:

  POSITION: Contract/Permanent/Temp/Partnership/Subcontract/etc..
  JOB: Development/Support/Consulting/Installation/etc..
  CONTACT INFORMATION: Who to contact and how!

  As many details as you are willing to announce publicly would be
  appreciated by the readers of the list.


To post to this list and all it's subscribers send messages to:

To subscribe to the list send the following line to
   subscribe os2jobs-l YOUR-EMAIL-ADDRESS

To UNSUBscribe to the list send the following line to
   unsubscribe os2jobs-l YOUR-EMAIL-ADDRESS

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  help  - get help information on commands and majordomo
  index - get an index of archived digests for any list
  info  - get information on any list (this file)
  who   - who is subscribed to the list

This list is currently moderated by Terry Hamilton -

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