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Downloading devPad v0.70

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devPad is available in both zip and tar+gzip format.

The devPad documentation and software are distributed free of charge. If you download or use a devPad package you agree to the terms in the License Agreement. Please read it before downloading.

To view the online documentation you need a text editor or a Web browser.

To run the software, you will need the Java and NetRexx runtime and toolkit (from the 1.x Java development kit) installed on your target machine. For more information on these:

Toolkit download and installation

  1. Download the devPad 0.70 package [12 Mar 1998].
    Choose either:
  2. Unpack the file you downloaded (a new directory called 'devPad' should be created by this). Note that the package contains subdirectories and files with "long names". All names may be case-sensitive. Detailed instructions are available in the installation instructions; please read these before installing.

    You can also extract the installation instructions as the file dpinst.doc from the package you downloaded.

  3. Once unpacked into a directory, you can view all the devPad documentation locally by pointing your Web browser at the 'root' documentation file devPad.html, or browse the files that have .doc as their file extension/type.

Requests and suggestions?

Your comments, questions, and suggestions for devPad and these Web pages are welcome! Send mail to me directly, using mail to

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